• Group Benefits

Product Development

Our Company was founded by product development and this continues to fuel the growth and creativity that proves "it can be done"!


• Eligibility Management, Call Center Support and Service: Most often our clients/plan sponsors do not want the responsibilities nor have the staff to support the role of a traditional employer. We can manage the daily service needs around coverage inquiries, claim issues, and claim resolution.

• Billing and Payment Processing: Carriers generally require one bill with one check. In order to accomplish this for our diverse clients we can receive and process ACH / bank drafts or mail pay on a monthly, semiannual, annual, or any combination of the above.


• Web Enrollment: a state-of-the-art flexible online platform customizable to fit the needs of each client. Clients/Members can manage benefits online by adding, updating and canceling coverage.

• Data Management: All too often nontraditional groups do not have the necessary data required by an insurance carrier. We have a proprietary process to capture and manage the demographic and dependent data. A full line of pass through reporting and data mining services are available.


  • Eligibility Management
  • Data Capture and Management
  • Benefit Administration
  • Call Center Support and Services
  • Billing and Payment Processing
  • Customized Web Enrollment
  • Product Development and Consultation

Thinking beyond the Box!

HSA, LLC (HSA) is an organization focused on developing 1099 contractor, association and affinity group benefit programs. When competing for contractors or members we help you create a value that separates you from your competitors. This increases revenue and creates a more sustainable relationship with your most valued contractors or members.

Our clients have a different set of needs than those of a traditional employer/employee group. We bridge the gap between the nontraditional client and the insurance carrier by offering a variety of services.